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Our user base of experienced experts is here to help you. Whatever your idea or product is, we have at least one person (although, let’s face it, probably more) who can help.

We’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you get from point A to point B on their development journey. Now it’s your turn!

My god this sounds like an epic sales page doesn’t it? How funny! We don’t sell anything… this site is literally to help people interested in brainstorming meet up and connect to help each other with their projects.

So if that’s what you’re interested in then you should sign up! It only takes a minute and approval is instant.

Imagine if there was a place in the real world where you could go to tap into the knowledge of hundreds of “been there, done that” brains, wouldn’t it be amazing?

Well that’s exactly what we’re trying to create with this page.

You may have been looking for something like this, but just haven’t found the right place yet. I mean if this is what you’re looking for, the search is over. You wouldn’t go to your florist for car repairs, and you wouldn’t go to your chiropractor for construction services. So isn’t it great that you can you can find a place like this on the web?

let us know what you think, and if you haven’t signed up yet, why the heck not?!


How a mindstorm works

This is how a “mindstorm” works;pool

It’s like a brainstorm (I bet you’re more familiar with that term) but instead of one person creating the brainstorm, it’s many people. The idea is that one person comes with an idea, and everyone else pools (the picture makes sense now, right?) together to help develop that idea and seed new ideas through a combined-effort brainstorm. Meaning you get ideas that maybe you wouldn’t of even thought of. Pretty cool, huh?

So what is a brainstorm, for those who aren’t familiar with the term?

A brainstorm is where you start with one idea – your “main idea” and then think of a related idea. The point is that the related idea will branch off the original idea. Let’s call those related ideas “secondary ideas”.

Then you can branch off of those secondary ideas into more ideas. And then from those ideas into more ideas and so on.

The end results is you explore the full possibilities of an idea and cover every single train of thought imaginable.

You may have a general idea for something, but brainstorming that idea will help to refine it and pinpoint exactly what the idea should be or how you should plan to execute it.

So, that being said, what’s your idea? Help us to provide you with a “mindstorm” and develop your idea using some of the best minds around.

Here’s a company that had a mindstorm:


What’s your idea?

People write in to us all the time thinking they’ve got the next big idea.


However, it’s very rare that they actually have something. We have to wade through hundreds of emails to actually find the good stuff.

Don’t let that put you off though – just because you’re not sure of your idea doesn’t mean it’s not going to work. In fact, it’s usually the ideas that you’re less sure off that have the most success!

So, with that being said, what are you waiting for?! Submit an idea now!

You could find that in less than a week we’ve posted your idea on the site and people are leaving feedback. Don’t worry about theft of information, all of our members have been with us for a long time and are all trustworthy.

The reason we’re here is to help you. I always say “two minds are better than one” – well how abut 10 minds? or hundreds of minds? or thousands? or… you get the point!


The next big thing…

Hey there, and welcome to, where we group together our ideas to try and come up with the next big thing! You can submit your ideas through our contact form and hopefully we’ll get them out there to be discussed!